Savvy Girl's Guide to Sorority Recruitment

Hellooooo, Savvy Girls!

We are so glad you are here and could not be more excited to share our latest project with you!

The Savvy Girl's Guide to Sorority Recruitment was released August 11 and is now available for immediate download in our shop!

As former sorority women ourselves, we are so grateful for the positive experiences and amazing opportunities Greek life provided to each of us. Leaders on campus, within and outside of our respective chapters at the University of Florida & University of Mississippi, some of our most valued memories and personal successes can be directly attributed to our time as members of Tri Delta and Delta Gamma.

With that being said, the rush process can be overwhelming... we know this from experience. There was a different, unique dynamic for both of us-- Allison rushed as a sophomore and Kelly was an out-of-state student at a school known for a "who you know" recruitment. But we've spent some time on the other side... and know now what we wish we had. Moreover, we've compiled exclusive insight from 20+ women across the country who know the ins and outs of rush better than anyone and are lending their BEST advice to YOU!

Featuring wisdom from rush chairs, recruitment counselors & Panhellenic presidents at schools from California to Texas; Mississippi to Florida and everywhere in between, this is a must read for any Potential New Member and their parents!

We won't lie -- the whirlwind of a week you’re about to experience can be stressful, but the much-deserved celebration on Bid Day will be well worth it.

No need to endlessly search Google, Pinterest and random blogs to find your answers --- we have everything in one place! The less you worry about the details, the more you will enjoy it, allow yourself to relax and be successful!


The Savvy Girls

Allison & Kelly

The "Savvy Girl's Guide to Sorority Recruitment" is available NOW for $19.99.

Click here to shop... it's not too late to be in the know!

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