NOTE: This course is for motivated young women only! It will work for you if you put in the time, energy and effort to get ready for success.

This 4-part program is dedicated to helping young women get clear - inspired - focused and hired!

Each client will identify their passions and package themselves appropriately to succeed in life. With a heavy emphasis on personal and professional development, this course includes personal branding, resume building, job hunting, interview skills, the importance of social profiles and everything in between. Knowing who you are, what you stand for, where you are headed and how you are unique will transform your ability to capture the attention of those that matter, land a dream job or simply increase your inner confidence so that you can take on the world!


Get Clear - Lesson 1

Greatness is possible. Becoming exceptional takes time but you can begin laying the ground work now. You must become connected with what’s driving you to success and ultimately take action to make your dreams come true. The only person who can make this happen is you.

Included in this lesson:

  • Eliminate distractions so you can focus on making the best decisions for your future
  • ​Create a crystal clear vision of what you hope to accomplish through your job search
  • Identify your overall goals for the next 3-5 years to ensure alignment with your personal mission and purpose
  • ​Get rid of the overwhelming feelings, emotions and fears that you are facing right now
  • ​Draw insightful correlations between your passions and the types of positions you want to pursue
  • ​Recognize valuable traits, strengths, skill sets, and accomplishments that you can leverage in your pursuit of greatness
  • ​Create an accountability plan that resonates with you and will guarantee results

Get Inspired - Lesson 2

Now that you know what you want to do, let’s find real life examples of those that can serve as role models, mentors, and motivators for you throughout this process.

Included in this lesson:

  • The difference between role models and mentors

  • How to reach out effectively to mentors

  • How to prep for your meetings

  • What questions to ask during your meetings

  • How to follow up after your meetings

  • How to hold yourself accountable

Get Focused - Lesson 3

Now that your vision is clear and you have a framework in mind for what you want your future to look like, let’s get to work! Getting all of your materials ready and you prepped and packaged for success is the goal of this lesson!

Included in this lesson:

  • Understanding the importance of consistent personal brand messaging

  • How to create your Personal Value Proposition

  • How to create a powerful Personal Brand Statement

  • How to utilize job sites efficiently and effectively

  • The pros and cons of working with recruiters

  • How to craft the PERFECT resume

  • How to create cover letters and introductory emails that feel naturally professional and elicit a response

  • Why you should fine tune your social profiles before ever applying for a job

  • How to become a LinkedIn pro

  • BONUS: Personal websites and the added value they offer to employers

Get Hired - Lesson 4

All of your time, energy and efforts have paid off and you have interviews lined up! It’s time to get confident on the next phase of the process ~ nailing the interview and landing the job

In this lesson you will learn:

  • How to approach any interview with grace and ease

  • How to obtain the necessary information about the employer, interviewer and company before the big day

  • How to develop your introduction so that your interview begins with seamlessly

  • How to tackle the most common job interview questions that we know you'll be asked

  • The best way to share the most important and relevant information with the employer in order to demonstrate that you are perfect for the job without coming off as too "salesy"

  • “Day of” strategies to ensure success!

  • How to handle interviews that include meals

  • The best way to follow up with an employer after the interview

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The Savvy Girl's Post-Grad Success Program is designed to help you get clear, inspired, focused and hired!


Rather than keep this advice a secret, I wanted to create a fabulous program and invite you into my network of motivated women who are taking on the world in big ways! I've included all of these key strategies that can be easily implemented and pitfalls that can be avoided if guided properly from the get go. In this course, I will share all of my tips and tricks to stand out for the right reasons and land your first post-graduation position!

I am so excited to be able to help my most favorite demographic – savvy, new grads ready to make an impact on the world - achieve abundant success! Let's do this!

A message from your coach - Allison Walsh:

I remember all too well how nervous and overwhelmed I was the closer it got to graduation day.... I kept thinking "how did that go so fast?" and "what am I going to do next?"

I was terrified that I was going to let my family down and I really struggled sorting through everything and landing a job that I loved and made me proud. Over the years I have mentored hundreds of future boss ladies at various points in their lives and careers. I've given countless hours of advice and watched them succeed in ways they never thought possible.

Throughout the course of my career, I've reviewed thousands of resumes, conducted interviews on a daily basis, and hired phenomenal candidates at different stages of their careers. Unfortunately I've watched candidates struggle unnecessarily because of nerves or lack of preparedness for the job application and interview process. However, I've also been blown away by stellar candidates who were so well put together that I had to hire them.

The Savvy Girl's Guide for Post-Grad Success Program is designed to help you get clear - inspired - focused and hired!

This 4-part program will guide you to:

  • become crystal clear on what you want to do after graduation

  • identify what you need to do to best package and present yourself to future employers

  • prepare all necessary materials so that you can make a positive impression in a moment’s notice

  • land your first job and prepare for abundant success


Included in this program are:

  • The Savvy Girl’s Guide to Post-Grad Success Workbook

  • Four audio and video lessons

  • Success sheets to help you execute your game plan

  • Invaluable interview techniques and strategies

  • Over 45 practice interview questions

  • Access to a private Facebook group where you can interact with other savvy, successful young women, also looking to jump start their careers, and guest experts willing to share their words of wisdom!

  • Bonus add on: Resume design, cover letter review and business card creation. You provide the content - we'll make it look gorgeous!


  • Once enrolled you will receive access within 24-48 hours to the client portal.

  • If you are taking advantage of the Bonus Resume Design Package, your personal Resume Expert will be in touch within 72 hours.

Do you have a group of young ladies that would benefit from a LIVE workshop with Allison? Book a Savvy Girl Summit today!

The Savvy Girl's Guide to Post-Grad Success Program is available as a workshop too! This option is perfect for student groups, Panhellenic, sorority chapters and more who want to set their members up for success!


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