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Savvy Girl Guides are a series of e-books dedicated to helping you navigate various phases and stages of life! They were created to help you gracefully manage the early stages of adulthood and successfully plan for your future. From recruitment and college-life to landing your first job, we've compiled advice, words of wisdom and valuable lessons to inspire and guide you.

This guide is dedicated to helping young women get clear - inspired - focused and hired!


You'll identify your passions and package them appropriately to succeed in life. With an emphasis on personal and professional development, this course includes personal branding, resume building, job hunting, interview skills, the importance of social profiles and everything in between. Knowing who you are, what you stand for, where you are headed and how you are unique will transform your ability to capture the attention of those that matter, land a dream job or simply increase your inner confidence so that you can take on the world!

Who will benefit? Young women looking to find a clear direction in this chapter of their lives and those willing to make a road map to success that will guide them through early employment years.

This workbook will guide you to:

  • become crystal clear on what you want to do after graduation

  • identify what you need to do to best package and present yourself to future employers

  • prepare all necessary materials so that you can make a positive impression in a moment’s notice

  • land your first job and prepare for abundant success


Included in this workbook are:

  • Four comprehensive lessons that will guide through the job search and preparation process

  • Success sheets that correspond to each lesson to help you execute your game plan

  • 50 practice interview questions

  • Invaluable interview techniques and strategies

  • Access to a private Facebook group where you can interact with other Savvy, Successful young women!


Excited about joining a sorority, but freaking out about recruitment?

Or perhaps you've already got it all together, but like to be as prepared as possible. Look no further!


Rush can be overwhelming... we know this from experience. We’ve gone through this process, spent some time on the other side and compiled the best advice from sorority leaders across the country to share with YOU!


The Savvy Girl's Guide to Sorority Recruitment" has exclusive insight from 20+ women who know the ins and outs of rush better than anyone and they've come together to lend their BEST advice to those preparing for recruitment.

The guide is available for immediate download and delivered right to your inbox so you can get started right away! Let's do this.

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